Here is what our students say about us:

I really enjoy the Krav Maga classes at Katai martial arts ,what a great workout it is combined with the techniques I learn. The instruction is great and I’d highly recommend this class to anyone. Also the Katai martial arts building is very spacious and they have great equipment.

I started taking Krav Maga because i always wanted to learn some form of martial arts, this course gives you a little bit of everything which can be used in real life situations. The work out you get from this course is a good cardio routine mixed with some great stretches..

The instructors are very helpful and want to see you do your best. They have been through the instructors course with Master Cohen and are well informed, so If you want to learn Krav Maga this is the place to do it, Sensei with a  2 dan black belt and & 7 qualified instructors you can’t go wrong.

~ Sean Burns

I would like you to tell about my experience with Krav Maga.
First of all it is Not just for men. What i knew from my friend it’s a pretty good self-defense where I don’t have to learn for years, to get benefits from it. That was a main reason why I took the seminar. I work out at the gym and I take some classes, but I always like to try new sports.

At the Krav Maga seminar I had to put all of my energy in it, and it was worth it. We had a good warm up and after the real work begun. They thought us, not to stop, until our opponent is down and is not going to be getting back up. Mentally and physically be able to react and take down the opponent. They were very good at teaching us how to react explosively to a real life situation. That’s why i loved that seminar. For my safety and for the good work out I am going to learn more.

I highly recommend you to learn Krav Maga, if you don’t want to be attacked, raped or killed. To be able to Defend your self or other people who you love. I can not recommend to you any better course then that. Be smart enough person to think first, not just wait, until something bed happens.

~ Monika Albert

As a Law Enforcement Professional I basically deal with three types of people “Yes Man, Maybe Man & the No Man” on a daily basis.
I’ve started Krav Maga about 2 months ago to learn close quarter self-defense and I believe that the tactics are a great foundation for all fields of law enforcement and or basic self-defense.

Master Cohen’s demeanor during his skill set demonstrations set the tone for the class and kept stressing to work at a pace as if you were under pressure in a real life scenario. The realistic techniques learned today, can give anyone the confidence they need to deal with a real life scenario tomorrow.

~ James Schissler

I would like to thank Master Cohen for the coming (…) and sharing with us his time and knowledge for the few days he was here in town. I work in Corrections and some of the techniques that I have learned from Master Cohen will be extremely helpful in my current career. What I have learned from Master Cohen in the short amount of time that he was here far exceeds what I was taught in my training with the dept.

Learning from Master Cohen (…) has increased my confidence not only in my job performance but also in everyday living. Taking these classes is not just a hobby, but a life style change. My only regret is that I wish that I had started training earlier with Master Cohen (…)

~ Tony Bullock

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